Basic Provisions

These General Conditions (“the GC”) provide for rights and obligations of the operator (“Operator” or “Provider”) of the website (B4T) and other related services B4T and its users (“User”). A User is a person that views or otherwise consumes the content of B4T (“the Content”).

B4T specializes in mediating and providing Content with erotic themes designated for adults.

By using B4T, the User agrees with the GC as amended, and the User also confirms being adult and legally competent. In case the User does not agree with these GC or does not fulfil them, they cannot keep visiting B4T.


Content and its Use

The Content is any textual, audiovisual, graphical, photographic, or other similar adult content.

It is explicitly forbidden to send via email  Content of Stories that instigates the following activities: animal sex, incest, child pornography, rape, extreme violence etc.

The responsibility for the unobjectionability of the published Content goes to its author.

By publishing the Content, the author provides the Provider with a geographically and time-unlimited, cost-free license for the use of the Content.


The User is aware that using some of the services at B4T might be charged.

In no case does the provider guarantee the functionality of all elements from the website.


Registration at B4T

Registration in B4T can be done by entering a combination of your own valid email address and a password of your choice, by entering a username, language, city and country.


Registration is reserved for a User that is an adult (of age 18 or 21, according to law of a given country), is legally competent and respects the law of the country where B4T is being operated.


By registering, the User is granted a registered user status (“the Registered User”), and access to their user account (the “Registered Account” or the “Account”).


Registered Account


The Registered Account is free of charge. There is no legal claim to being granted a Registered Account. Each User might only have one Registered Account.


Repeated account registration for the purpose of circumventing the rules or solving a previous situation that was not resolved in favour of the user is considered a serious violation of the rules leading to the block and delete of the user's registration data.


Data is entered into the Registered Account by the Registered User based on their own discretion, and the entered data is also deleted solely by the user; by registering on B4T, the user acknowledges that for security and legal reasons, the provider fundamentally does not interfere with the entered data or delete it, even on the basis of a request from the user to the operator of B4T.


The Registered User might cancel their account anytime, and thus even without giving a reason.

The account can be canceled only through the user account and the entered verification PIN sent to the registration email linked to the given user account.

If the user does not have an active and functional email address, the user account cannot be canceled for security reasons, not even by writing from other email the provider of B4T.

Forgotten or otherwise lost account access data can be restored for security reasons only by entering a valid email linked to the given user account.

The Provider might delete the Registered User’s account anytime, and thus even without giving a reason.

Even after the cancellation of the account, the Registered User shall remain fully legally responsible for their acts at the time of using the account.

The Registered User is obliged not to provide unauthorized persons with credentials to their account.

Each Registered User might, once the conditions are met, upgrade their Registered Account to a verified account (“the Verified Account”)

In the event that the Registered User exercises their right to delete their e-mail address at B4T in accordance with of the Privacy Policy, the entire account will be irreversibly deleted, as the e-mail address is necessary for the user’s registration at B4T.

In the event that the User does not log into their account for a period of 3 months, the account will be automatically deleted without the possibility of its renewal.

By registering at B4T, the User acknowledges that the account cannot be irrevocably deleted immediately after the User has placed the order, and thus for technical and legal reasons.

Deleting an account has no legal consequences on the license to the Content provided by the User and th Content send via email.


Account verification process

The Verified Account is such a Registered Account that has been verified by verification of the Registered User using a phone number, Personal document and Personal details.

Verification using a phone number requires a Registered User  fills in his own valid phone number in the designated area in the B4T form and registered the number on the Telegram app as well.

Personal Document Verification requires the Registered User to send their personal document (ID card, passport or another document issued by a state authority) to number +421 904 571 413 (account Beauty4Top) via Telegram account.

A verification using a Personal details requires that the Registered User fills in their Name, Surname and Address into the designated area at B4T.

By verifying, the Registered User shall be granted a Verified User status (“Verified User”)


VIP membership

VIP membership means a user verified account on B4T that has been upgraded to a higher level of exclusivity based on activation, enabling the user to use VIP services (“VIP Services”).

The VIP user receives VIP services according to the current offer of the provider B4T.

In the event of temporary unavailability of any of the offered VIP services, the VIP user is not entitled to compensation in any form, even if the service in question has ceased to be completely available.

It is entirely at the discretion of the VIP user whether or not to use the VIP service; in the event that the user does not use the services, however, they are not automatically entitled to a refund.

Based on the decision of the provider or an authorized person, access to certain parts of B4T may be restricted to VIP users only; users who do not have a VIP membership cannot claim access to such a section from the provider.

A verified user receives VIP services for 1, 3 and 6 months. On-line payment by PAY-PAL:

1 month - 5 Eur

3 months - 13 Eur

6 months - 20 Eur


VIP membership does not apply to and is in no way related to monetized sections B4T.